Successful Outcomes


  • Total # of resident’s employed while in program: 9
  • Total # of residents who received GED/diploma while in program: 3
  • Places Employed: Dunkin Donuts x2, BJ’S x 2, Foxwoods Buffet, JC Pennys, Chili’s, Zap Enterprise, McDonalds

CHAP/CHEER 2016-2018

  • Total # of participants: 16
  • Total # of youth who demonstrate improvement on the LIST:
    • CHAP = 6/8 or 75%
    • CHEER 8/8 or 100%
  • Total # of youth who obtained employment while in the program: 14 or 88%
  • Total # of youth who can identify a positive adult support outside of the program staff or DCF staff:
  • 14 or 88%
  • Total # of youth who maintain stable living arrangements: 16/16 OR 100%
  • Client Quotes when asked, “What do you feel is the best/most valuable part of CHAP?”

“I think spending time with a CHAP worker that understands you and your needs is the most valuable part of CHAP, along with the advice given by the CHAP worker.”

“Having someone to help work on life skills.”

Mental Health Waiver Program (WISE) 2016-2018

  • Total WISE clients: 29
  • Improved level of assistance needed for daily living skills for WISE Recovery Assistance clients:
    • Household Tasks: 83%
    • Personal laundry: 61%
    • Food management: 67%
    • Personal Health & Safety: 61%
    • Budgeting: 50%
    • Leisure Activities: 83%
    • Interpersonal Skills: 44%
  • Responses to Client Satisfaction Survey when asked:

“If I had other choices, I would still get my services from this agency.”

    • 93% Strongly Agree/Agree

“I am treated with respect.”

    • 100% Strongly Agree/Agree
  • Client quotes when asked, “What do you feel is the most valuable part of the Mental Health Waiver?”

“I wish I could have my RA (Hannah) two times a week. She helps me get things accomplished, lifts my spirit, gives me hope, gives me support, makes me feel special and feel like I am doing better. She understands me a great deal and is easy to talk to. I look forward to seeing her.”

“My RA (Hannah) is a blessing in my life. She’s been the most understanding and compassionate person in my life since I have been with your program. I have come a long way because of the help and support of my RA.”

“Since the WISE program, I have been receiving the help that I need. Before this program I was not able to get out much. I am grateful for the help I receive.”


  • Number of distinct residents: 9
  • Average length of stay: 15.9 months (13 months less than the state average)
  • 13 volunteer or working positions were obtained
  • 7 achieved Honor Roll status at school
  • 2 Successfully graduated from high school while in the program
  • 3 discharged to independent living
  • 115 hours of Life Skills training and 230 Clinical Group hours have been offered

CLIFT HOUSE January 2018 – November 5, 2018

  • Total # served: 57 (29 F, 27M, 2 siblings groups, 2 pregnant, 2 parenting)
  • 45 Successful placements (24F, 21M)
  • 46 Intakes, Educational Assessments, and Clinical Assessments